Large-flowered hybrids Orchids. This is the largest group itself, it is these phalaenopsis that are most often sold in garden centers. Not very unpretentious, even beginners can easily grow them.
In this group, a huge number of varieties, which are usually divided according to the color of the flowers. In our stores, they usually do not indicate the names of the varieties, more often they write “mix” on the price tags, so Russian transcription has not entered into practice. So here are their international names (if you search the Internet, you may be able to determine which variety you grow).

White Orchids:

  • Taisuco Crane;
  • Taisuco Kochdian;
  • Cygnus;
  • Yukimai;
  • Sogo Musadian;
  • White Dream;
  • Florida Snow.


  • Nobby’s Pink Lady;
  • Minho Valentine;
  • Minho King Beauty;
  • New Cinderella;
  • Taisuco Firebird;
  • Sogo Smith.

Semi-white (the upper and side petals are white, and the lips are colored):

  • Luchia Lip;
  • city girl.


  • Sogo Zebra;
  • Chih Shang Stripes;
  • OK Seven.


  • Carmela Spots;
  • Rousserole;
  • Soroa Delight;
  • Leopard Prince.

New hybrids. For a long time, phalaenopsis were on sale exclusively in white and pink shades. However, now in the garden centers you can find yellow, and orange, and red. Such colors in industrial varieties appeared relatively recently – they began to be obtained about 40 years ago. And some of them have become quite popular, they can be found in our garden centers.


  • Carol Campbell;
  • Emil Giles;
  • Brother Lawrence;
  • Taipei Gold;
  • Golden Bells;
  • sogo manager;
  • Brother Passat;
  • Golden Amboin;
  • yellow queen;
  • Ching Her Buddha;
  • golden sun

Orange Orchids (there are many shades here: copper, bronze, rusty red – these shades are often called desert or artistic):

  • sweet memory;
  • Zuma Aussie Delight;
  • Pago Pago;
  • Brother Sara Gold.

Reds (here shades range from orange-red to lavender-burgundy):

  • cordova;
  • Lonnie Morris;
  • Sogo Pony;
  • Sogo Rose;
  • Sogo Grape;
  • Sogo Prince;
  • golden Peoker.

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