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Funeral Orchids

Beautiful funeral compositions of living white orchids, made for the farewell of the deceased, is an essential attribute of the ritual of burial. Decorating the casket with floral arrangements, the place of farewell to the deceased and laying flowers on the grave express sorrow for the deceased. Funeral is an ancient ritual, in which floristics has an important, symbolic place.

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Funeral Orchids
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Symbolism of white orchids

The white color of orchids for funeral compositions is pure, immaculate, the color of angels. It represents an honestly lived life, a clean conscience, good deeds; love and tenderness, given in life to their loved ones. This color of the composition emphasizes the solemnity and mournfulness of the sad moment, perhaps even a little soothing for grieving relatives. Suitable for people of all ages.

Symbolism of green orchids

Green (all natural shades) represents the cyclical nature of death and birth. Symbolizes the power of life overcoming death. It is the hope for eternal life. The statement that death is not the end of life, but its transition to another form.

Types of orchid funeral compositions

– Bouquet of orchids is placed in a coffin or on the lid of the casket. Then moved to the grave mound or placed in vases.

– Basket of orchids for farewell can serve as a decoration of the hall, the grave. It can be brought to the cemetery on memorial dates.

– Compositions of orchids to decorate the hall, set on high bollards (vases), located near the coffin. Flowers should not interfere with the parting with the deceased. Only living plants – are used to create such compositions.

– Mourning composition of orchids for the design of the coffin, an elongated shape perfectly lies on the closed lid of the coffin. Before burial, it is removed and left on the grave.

– Funeral pillow of flowers (infants, children and teenagers).

– A wreath around the head of an unmarried girl, girl, child. Orchid flowers are placed around the head on the pillow.

– A monogram of orchid flowers – at will of relatives can decorate a coffin lid or a hall for farewell to the deceased.

Why should live orchids be used for a funeral?

Living flowers are endowed with energy, which the soul of the deceased can “feel”. They will not last long, but it reminds the living of how fleeting life is, how fragile beauty is. Calls to appreciate every moment, to enjoy life while there is such an opportunity. And to make them last longer, you can put bouquets in vases with water.

Orchid funeral arrangements are designed to bring beauty to the farewell ceremony.

At Viva Orchids, you can have funeral orchids delivered to the right address, at the right time, to any funeral home in Boca Raton – The Gary Panoch Funeral Homes, Babione Funeral Home, Boca Raton Funeral Home, Gutterman’s Funeral Directors, Kraeer Funeral Home and Cremation, and Glick Family Funeral Home.

We also deliver funeral orchids to Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Oakland Park, Highland Beach, Lighthouse Point, Margate, Weston, Tamarac, Sunrise, Lake Worth, Miramar, Hypoluxo, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, West Palm Beach.

If you would like to order funeral orchid arrangements or orchid bouquets, call us at Viva Orchids at 561-507-0073. Our florists will help you to choose compositions that will fully reflect the depth of grief over the loss of a loved one.


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