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Colorful Orchids

Colorful Orchid Plants

Viva Orchids of Boca Raton is the place to go for beautiful and colorful orchids. With a 5-star rating and popular Orchids, this is your one-stop shop for all your orchid needs. Our exclusive orchids come in a variety of compositions and colors, so you can find the perfect one for any occasion. We offer same day delivery in Boca Raton, so you can have your orchid quickly and easily. Our best-seller and buyer choice are sure to please even the pickiest of customers.

Orchids are spoken of with admiration. Several thousand years. They deserve it and take the leading position among the flowers in the case. Each year adds many new bred hybrids. The whole orchid industry. It is impossible to characterize everyone. How to describe what colors and shades are. Phalaenopsis blooms are known to last up to two months! Easy to care for and great for sprucing up the home or office and have cool shades all season long!

What colors are orchids?

Blue orchids are all the rage these days. Very pleasant color.   Prices are 2-3 times higher for them. In nature, there are no orchids with a dark blue color.

Thick dark purple colors. With clearly visible dark veins on the petals. In the sun, burgundy tones are noticeable. Like a slipper in shape and the substrate, and transparent containers, and frequent humidification of the air.

Spotted orchids. Talking about spotted orchids is easy. There are some spots on the background. However, it is very difficult to give an exact description. How to deal with spots? Their shape (round, oval, regular), sizes (small, large, merging).  Delight! Red-yellow spotted. Alternatively, yellow and red? The background can be anything – from white to dark; And more often the background is light (white, yellow, pink or even green).

Orange Phalaenopsis are pretty. In combination with other colors (dots and stripes, blue-violet and violet white, Yellow-violet) are wonderful.

Special confusion with pink shades. Is it light purple or a tint of red, or may be Orange-pink or pink peach. Reflection of ambient light and glare of surrounding objects creates new shades in soft-colored orchids.

With all the beautiful shades they come in, it’s hard to resist starting a collection!

Buy online. Delivery available. They are a perfect gift or great piece for your own home.

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Colorful Orchid Plants.

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