Orchids care

When choosing your orchid, you should carefully consider details, such as the size and main features. Their compact size allows you to have a solid collection of these flowers. Maintaining the right temperature and humidity for large, strong-growing samples is essential. Suitable thermometers and hygrometers will enable you to observe the conditions inside the pot.

While plant breeding requires following specific rules and nuances in the agrotechnology, proper care at home includes the provision of perfect soil, space, and lighting for orchids, along with maintaining the right temperature, watering, air humidity, transplanting, and proper power supply.

Orchid Care


Orchids are relatively unpretentious in care and do not have special requirements to keep them well. Adding 3-4 ice cubes or 1/4 cup of water (per plant) once a week to the pot is enough. The ice cube melts slowly and gives the orchid enough moisture for a week to not flood, and the root rot does not occur. If you have more than one plant in the pot - three ice cubes or 1/4 cup of water per plant is enough. It is essential to pour out the excess water remaining in decorative pots that do not have drainage. If your plant is in a pot with drainage, add the water and recheck the soil humidity level after about a week. If you're unsure, it's better to wait another day or two before watering.

Orchid Care


The optimal temperature is 70° F - 80° F during the day and 57° F - 64°F at night. Do not place the orchid near heating or cooling devices, air vents, or in areas with excessive draft. Orchids are suitable for all types of climates, and most of them adapt to moderate temperatures. Remember, they don't like direct sunlight. 
Please note that you should follow these simple rules to enjoy orchids' beauty for as long as possible.

Orchid Care
Orchid Care


Orchids need high humidity, about 70-80%, which is hard to achieve in residential areas. It is crucial to monitor the air temperature since an excess of moisture in the bottom soil level and a low temperature can lead to the root rotting. Orchids do not tolerate dry and dusty air.

All you need to know about the orchids All you need to know about the orchids


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