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Corporate Orchids

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Add sophistication to your Corporate decor with orchids

We can create orchid arrangements, which will become the right and noble decoration of your workspace, whether it is a beauty salon, office, restaurant or hotel.

Orchids are able to create an atmosphere for productive activities, they reflect the status and level of success, enliven an impersonal interior and fill it with natural beauty.

The beneficial effect of a design that combines beauty, functionality and comfort is undeniable. Creating an atmosphere in the office for activity, reflecting the status and level of success. Fresh flowers will be the right and not burdensome addition to this – one of the best options are noble orchids.

There are many representatives of this family, almost all of them can bloom and grow indoors. The most famous types of orchids are phalaenopsis, dendrobium, cymbidium, catlea, miltonia, cumbria. This orchids are decorative, do not require complex care, are not capricious of environmental condition. Orchid arrangements can easily be replaced by new blooming orchid composition, that will not create a feeling of a greenhouse and jungle in the workplace. Orchids arrangement is a great way to solve many design problems.

Corporate Orchids
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