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All you need to know about the orchids

The orchid flower is one of the stunning and unique examples of the green world. It is almost impossible to find a flower gardener who does not like this lovely plant!

It was first mentioned at the beginning of the 7th century BC, whereas some experts believe that people learned about some species of the orchid family much earlier. The plant symbolizes purity, harmony, and perfection throughout recorded history.

Its history began in Confucian China many centuries ago. Today, we know numerous types of beautiful orchids. The name of the orchid is written by using a hieroglyph — Ian. It is added to a sentence to emphasize the beauty or greatness of something.

Origin of Orchids

Even though orchids were discovered in Ancient China, many different countries contributed to the flourishing presence of these flowers in our homes and the plant kingdom in general. For example, the name comes from Greece, the Greek noun "orkhis." The name turned out to be beautiful, and its pronunciation exudes elegance. French and British planted the first indoor orchids.

The orchid has various mythical features. Some orchids with their petals look like the open mouth of a dragon. The most famous species is the Dracula orchid, which grows in the mountains of Ecuador (South America). There are many legends about these flowers, and some people even believe that some species can consume other species.

Origin of Orchids

Orchids for medical purposes

Since a long time ago, people from different parts of the world have used orchids for medical purposes. Some say that orchid can be used as a painkiller. For example, it is recommended to brew it to relieve a headache. Some orchids have certain antibacterial substances that can cleanse the air.

The most researched medicinal species of orchid is the orchis, which is used as a sedative, helps with diseases of the pancreas, and helps to treat skin conditions.

Psychologists say that admiring an orchid is good for your health. Its sophisticated beauty stimulates positive feelings such as peace and serenity. No wonder that the Chinese recognize the flower as a symbol of spiritual perfection and harmony.

Life will be filled with radiant colors if you have at least one orchid in the house. The exotic flower will thank you for the care and attention with a long-lasting flowering and scent.

Origin of Orchids

Origin of Orchids

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Orchid family

Orchid Species

The Orchid family is large and diverse, we know more than thirty thousand flowers of the orchid family, and the number is growing every year. We distinguish several essential groups among them.

Origin of Orchids


These plants are sympodial. More than 187 varieties belong to this species. Orchids can be of any color, but not blue. At home, they bloom once a year.


These plants are sympodial.

The variety of colors is impressive.

Origin of Orchids
Origin of Orchids

Ampel orchids — cymbidium

Japan and Australia are the home of this plant. They bloom magnificently and posess an enchanting scent. There are easy to care for.


Originally from South America. "Spider" is another name for this unique flower. There are about 35 varieties of this species. Spotted and Warty are the most famous.

Origin of Orchids

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