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Kinds of Orchids Phalaenopsis

Kinds of Phalaenopsis orchids orchid, Kinds ,Phalaenopsis, orchids

Phalaenopsis orchid is a herbaceous plant from the Orchidaceae family. Most kinds of orchids Phalaenopsis grow on trees, but some also live on rocky soil. The plant was first described by the German scientist Georg Rumph, who found it on the Moluokki Islands. And another German botanist Karl Blum includes about 70 species Orchids Phalaenopsis .

Florists have long been trying to improve and adapt phalaenopsis to different climatic conditions. The most valuable and decorative have always been considered varieties with white and pure pink flowers on massive peduncles. Recently, varieties with huge cream flowers have been popular. Since the end of the 20th century peach, yellow, crimson, and striped petals orchids have appeared on the market. Some varieties of modern phalaenopsis boast butterfly or moth patterns on the petals. With the advent of the fashion for minimalism, breeders began to cultivate mini and micro varieties, with tiny and bright petals. Hybrids of the multiflora series are also quite highly valued.

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Various kinds of Orchids Phalaenopsis:

  • Phalaenopsis Pleasant or Amabilis (Phalaenopsis Amabilis)
  • Phalaenopsis Schiller (Phalaenopsis Shilleriana)
  • Phalaenopsis Stewart (Phalaenopsis Stuartiana)
  • Phalaenopsis Sander (Phalaenopsis Sanderiana)
  • Phalaenopsis Gigantea (Phalaenopsis Gigantea)
  • Phalaenopsis Cornu-Cervi

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