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Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers were always used for decorating a garden. But it was the 20th century that invented marketing flowers. One of the most well-known campaigns began in 1917 advertising to “say It with flowers”. This transcended into a boom of campaigns for flowers on different holidays. In this day and age flowers for Mother’s Day became a staple to the holiday.

The tradition is so spread out that florists often begin planning a year in advance. But due to the high demand – the orchids for Mother’s Day which most floral shops are supplied with do not come in the highest quality. Here, in Viva Orchids we take huge pride in the quality of our orchids, we know that it is essential to choose a floral shop that a customer can trust with bringing happiness into their homes. One of such sorts is an orchid, orchids last anywhere from 4 to 6 months therefore they make a long-lasting gift for Mother’s Day that will bring a smile to any mother’s face for a long time beyond Mother’s Day.

We at Viva Orchids prioritize putting a smile on our customers face and allowing our customers to receive the best deals available to them in Boca Raton. We also make deliveries to other cities such as Delray and West Palm Beach. It has always been a dream for us to work with flowers and Viva Orchids was created as a result of us going after our dream. Here at Viva Orchids, we happily work on every order and put in our heart into every single arrangement that is ordered from us.

Orchids are a wonderful flower that represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. As a matter of fact, way back in ancient Greece soon to be mothers believed that if the father was to eat an orchid’s tubers. the baby would be a boy. As well as Chinese symbol for “many children ” is orchid. This Mother’s Day unlike other floral shops in the Boca Raton region the prices of orchids will not be rising. But instead will remain the same with sales added to many compositions to ensure that our customers get the best mothers gifts that they


We are driven by love for orchids and respect for our customers. Our goal is to stand out with the quality of our arrangements and customer service. To order our beautiful Orchid Composition, please call the Viva orchids or choose your arrangement from the catalog , add it to the cart, and checkout. provides flower hand-delivery. If you need your order to be delivered at a specific time, an additional fee will be charged, calculated automatically at the checkout.