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Buy Orchids In Boca Raton

orchids in boca raton

Orchids are some of the most gorgeous and elegant flowers on the planet. They are loved by many due to the variety of colors, shapes and species. And they are loved not only by florists, but also by flower lovers all over the world. However, despite their popularity, they continue to retain a mystique and exotic charm. And to buy orchids in Boca Raton is very easy and convenient – our shop Viva Orchids offers a wide variety of orchids and orchid arrangements for every taste and budget with delivery to your home or office.

One of the most amazing things about orchids is the variety of colors. From bright screaming hues to delicate pastel shades, each orchid has its own unique combination of colors. Some species have simple or double petals, while others have a complex structure with multiple layers of petals. Each type of orchid can be a real discovery for its owner. In our shop we can offer you such orchids as Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Cattleya, Oncidium and Dendrobium. Each of these types of orchids is unique and beautiful in its own way, each of them striking in its beauty.

Boca Raton is a city in the state of Florida that is known for its beautiful gardens and florist shops. Our orchid shop is located in Boca Raton, where you can buy orchids and orchid arrangements in unique author’s designs.

Why choose Viva Orchids:

– Quality: We carefully select our orchid plants to offer only the healthiest and most beautiful specimens. This ensures that your purchase will delight you with its beauty for a long time to come.

– Expert advice: We can help you choose the right orchid or create a personalized arrangement, share useful information about orchid care, and guide you through the nuances of growing orchids.

– Variety: We offer a huge variety of orchid species and varieties. From classic species to rare exotics, there is something for every fan of these marvelous plants.

Orchids are not only beautiful flowers, but also a real work of art of nature. They are able to bring coziness and sophistication to any room. If you are looking to buy an orchid or orchid arrangement in Boca Raton, Viva Orchids is a great place to buy. Here you will find a wide selection of species and varieties, as well as expert advice on plant care. Once you come home with an orchid, you will enjoy its beauty for a very long time.Make your purchase online at our website or by calling 561-507-0073. You can also come to our shop at 491 NE 20 th Str Boca Raton, Fl 33431 and we will personally select for you an orchid arrangement that will decorate your interior or become the perfect gift for any occasion.


We are driven by love for orchids and respect for our customers. Our goal is to stand out with the quality of our arrangements and customer service. To order our beautiful Orchid Composition, please call the Viva orchids or choose your arrangement from the catalog , add it to the cart, and checkout. provides flower hand-delivery. If you need your order to be delivered at a specific time, an additional fee will be charged, calculated automatically at the checkout.