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Orchid Arrangements In the Interior

Orchid Arrangements In the Interior

Beautiful orchid arrangements are not enough to create, it is important to “correctly” place them. Orchids will look harmoniously in the following rooms.

Living room

Designers advise to place a beautiful orchid arrangements in the “heart” of the house, namely – in the main room, where the whole family and guests gather. The dining table, nightstand or coffee table will do. However, you should not put this unique plant in a dark place. If there is no local light, and the general is included infrequently, the flower will be sick with a high probability. But if the table is not too far away from the south window, you can consider this option.


Orchids will look exquisite on bedside tables. A prerequisite in such a case is light. If there are no bedside lamps next to the nightstands, it will be better to abandon this idea and choose a place where the orchid can get the necessary amount of light.


“Sacred” place of any hostess and “abode” of soulful gatherings will open its doors for beautiful compositions of orchid phalaenopsis. They can be placed on the bar counter or table, also a window sill is perfect. A floor planter with orchids can be placed near a window. However, you should take into account the location of the stove, so that the orchid is not exposed to the destructive effects of hot steam. And if you have a small kitchen, it is not suitable for the orchid, as the steam will be destructive to it. Another unfavorable factor is a frequently opened window sash. In this case the orchid will have to put away from the window sill. And it is desirable not to combine the orchid with other flowers.


In this case, the orchid arrangement implies the presence of a hanging planter, which is attached next to the fireplace. Such an arrangement guarantees the rapturous glances of relatives and friends.


Quite an unusual place, but it has its own certain charm. Orchids love humidity, so having a spacious bathroom with a source of natural light, you can put the orchid there as well. A tabletop near the sink, or a bookcase near the bathroom will be the best option. For example, if you decorate the composition with moss, the orchid will not suffer from excessive moisture. In any case, the restroom, decorated with flowers, will please with beautiful aromas and aesthetic appearance.

According to Feng Shui, an orchid is a symbol of harmony, perfection, good luck and prosperity. To find good luck and harmony in family affairs, the orchid must be placed in the eastern part of the apartment. To attract wealth and good luck in financial affairs, it is better to place an orchid in a southeast direction.

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