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How to plant or replant a phalaenopsis orchid

How to plant or replant a phalaenopsis orchid

Did you know that phal is short for phalaenopsis orchid? Sounds quite attractive if you ask me. Since we talked already how to water your orchid, today we can discuss how to plant or replant a phalaenopsis orchid by itself or with other plants that are in perfect harmony with the botanical nature of the orchid needs for water, humidity and other environmental agents.

Make sure that you follow your trusted growers advice and keep soil of the orchid moist but not over-watered, neither dry. These plants must share pots only with like-natured plants with similar demands for the garden care. This will make your orchid a long-lasting plant that will bring joy to your space even longer. Since orchids make a perfect flower present Viva Orchids florists always use the best quality orchids with various additional plants in the floral arrangement. Air plants, and kiwi vine are just some of the touching elements that your Boca Raton luxury orchids designers at Viva Orchids incorporate when creating a masterpiece for you.

Phalaenopsis orchids can be indoor plants as well as can be planted in the outdoor spaces to your liking. Orchids can be planted in an extensive range of pots such as glass vases, ceramic pots or wooden outdoor type. Orchids make an amazing decoration for your home, special occasions and any events your loved ones may want to attend.

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