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Mini Orchids: Home Care

mini orchids

Mini orchids will be a beautiful decoration in any home, especially if the apartment does not have too much space for flowers. Buying such a beautiful plant, you need to know that it will require special care.

In their appearance, they resemble the usual phalaenopsis, only lower. Their main feature is considered small flowers, which can create entire inflorescences, or can be located on a normal stem alone. In fact, this plant often looks like a smaller copy of a large orchid.

The right light

Like many orchids, these little beauties prefer bright but diffused light. Therefore, it is best to place them on the west or east side.

If there is no such possibility, and the windows are only on the south side, they need to be covered a little when the sun shines too strongly. You can do this with light curtains.

Temperature and humidity

The temperature regime for orchids should be approximately the same throughout the year. The minimum temperature for this plant should not be lower than +62,6 … +64,4°F. But the maximum should not exceed +71,6°F. If at night it will be a little lower, it will allow her to bloom longer and beautiful.

Humidity when taking care of it does not matter much, but it’s still better if it is within 60%. When the air is dry, the development of orchids is immediately suspended.

In addition, you should know that the higher the temperature in the room, the higher the humidity must be. To increase it, you can buy special humidifiers or simply put small containers of water in different places.

Substrate selection

Very often only sphagnum moss is used for good development of this plant. However, in some cases, pine bark is added as well as some charcoal to prevent the development of rot in the root system.

Proper watering

Water the plant regularly as needed. Watering depends on temperature, method of planting, nature of the soil and other factors. The process itself also has its own specifics. It is recommended to use only a watering can, gradually moving it over the surface of the soil. As soon as the water begins to flow into the tray – watering stops. The volume of water should not change. Specialists recommend paying attention so that water does not get into the growth point and the axils of the leaves. In the case of moisture, these places should be wiped dry. However, it is best to simply spray it. 20-40 ml of water will be enough. It must always be soft and warm.

In addition, sometimes you can bathe mini orchids under the shower, the procedure should last at least 10 minutes. The water temperature should not exceed +95°F.

When the procedure is complete, the excess water must be drained to prevent the roots from rotting. This will take at least half an hour.


Fertilize these beauties only 50-60 days after transplanting. In addition, if rot has been detected on the roots, it is best to abandon this process. Fertilizing is carried out after abundant watering of the orchid. In addition, you should not do it when the orchid is blooming. Fertilization can be of two types: root and foliar.

Root feeding

It is carried out to stimulate the growth of the small plant. Fertilizer should be applied immediately after watering, placing it directly into the soil. After that, the flower should be moved to a warm place for a few hours, avoiding direct sunlight.

Foliar feeding

In this case, the fertilizer is best dissolved in water and then sprayed with a sprayer. However, it must be done very carefully so that it does not get on the flowers.

Such a beautiful plant as a mini orchid will be for many fans of houseplants a beautiful decoration of the interior. And following the rules of care for it, will be able to please its owners for a long time. Even novice florists will be able to breed such amazing plants as mini orchids.

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