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Orchids – a gift for the New Year

Orchids – a gift for the New Year

Living orchids create an uplifting mood, and holidays like New Year’s Eve and Christmas are especially good occasions to delight yourself or friends with blooming arrangements of beautiful orchids.

Orchids are especially nice when they are presented as a gift for everyone’s favorite holiday, the New Year. Such a gift is unlikely anyone expects, as it is an infrequent choice for such an event. But enthusiasm increases many times over at the sight of such a surprise! If you present orchids to the dearest person on New Year’s Eve, you can once again emphasize the special relationship to him or her, remind of love and increase the effect of other gifts.

At first it may seem that giving orchids, and flowers in general, on New Year’s Eve is a bit strange. But why exactly so? After all, orchids are a universal and enjoyable gift at any time of year. They can instantly improve the mood and please both men and women. And the specially decorated composition of orchids, presented on New Year’s Eve, certainly will not be superfluous.

Who can I give an orchid arrangement as a gift?

Present a New Year’s Eve orchid arrangement as a gift to absolutely everyone – your girlfriend, wife or mother, daughter and sister, grandmother, colleague or just an acquaintance. Men, too, will not refuse such a presentation. Whoever was presented with orchids, the person will be very grateful and will appreciate such a sign of attention.

In addition, live orchids are a great decoration of any home, especially in the cold season, when the street is not enough bright colors. Orchid arrangement will add coziness and warmth to your home, making the atmosphere more romantic.

What should a New Year’s Eve orchid arrangement be like?

Winter, especially New Year’s Eve arrangements should be different from “classic” arrangements. Their main task is to create a special atmosphere. Such arrangements must convey the incredible spirit of this time, and therefore our professional florists work hard to achieve this effect. They select the shades, add various thematic decorations, suitable for the New Year’s Eve orchid arrangement.

Types of New Year’s orchid arrangements

Some people believe that Christmas and New Year’s arrangements must either emphasize the spirit of the holiday, or reflect the state of nature at this time of year. For example, white graceful orchid arrangements, supplemented with sprigs of pine, emphasize the peculiarity of this time of year.

In fact, the features of creating New Year’s and Christmas orchid arrangements are more varied.

Orchid arrangement for loved ones

Close people as a sign of attention can be presented as a small or a lush arrangement with thematic decoration. The arrangement is usually complemented by spruce branches, small toys and cones.

In the coming year of the Rabbit, you can add a small souvenir in the form of this animal to the arrangement

For a girlfriend or wife

Red is the color of passion, so adding a decor of this shade to a lush arrangement of orchids, designed for the woman you love, definitely will not be superfluous. Since such a gift is presented all the same in honor of the New Year, it should be thematically decorated: for example, with small pine sprigs, small and elegant Christmas decorations, streamers or sprigs of cotton, similar to the soft snow.

For men

For men, the fact of attention is more important, but the contents of the arrangement should also be thought about.

It is possible to include in an orchid arrangement some objects to emphasize the masculinity of the addressee: a cigar, for example, if it will be appropriate for a particular man. Also, he will definitely be happy with an arrangement that is complemented by a basket with a bottle of cognac or whiskey. In this case, everything is limited only by the capabilities and imagination of the one who will present such a gift.

Themed souvenir will also be quite appropriate – with the help of a Rabbit figurine, the symbol of the next year, you can wish him good luck. This will certainly be noticed and appreciated.

For colleagues

Choosing what will look like an orchid arrangement for colleagues, it will not be superfluous to make some professional sense. Otherwise, you should choose the design depending on the gender and age of the person.

You can add some “twist” in the form of a reminder of the famous in your narrow circle of pleasant events and jokes.

Christmas orchid arrangement

Orchid arrangement for this holiday has certain features. In it, the emphasis should be placed on the needles and sprigs of pine needles. There can be few flowers, but it is very important that they are combined with pine needles. You should also add silver and white elements: it can be both the flowers themselves and the decor: ribbons, foil figures, small souvenirs. Small candles, cinnamon tubes and cones will look fine.

Lush New Year’s orchid arrangements are often so self-sufficient that they can even replace the Christmas tree. This is true, for example, for offices and small apartments. Such an arrangement with a candle and balloons will look great in the center of the holiday table.

To order an orchid arrangement for the New Year, call us at 561-507-0073 or place an order on our website. In the catalog you will find a large selection of gorgeous arrangements, each of which we can decorate thematically or we can make an individual arrangement for you.
Viva Orchids will be happy to present you and your loved ones with our delightful orchid designs.

Orchids – a gift for the New Year

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