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Orchid as a Christmas Gift

orchid as a Christmas gift

An orchid as a Christmas gift is an opportunity to make a beautiful and memorable gift on such a bright and beloved holiday.

Giving gifts and, conversely, receiving them as gifts is the highest pleasure a person can experience, no matter what age he or she is. This mystery itself defies description, so unusual and great is the feeling of light feelings and joy at the same time. And flowers as a gift bring the atmosphere of a holiday into the house and lift your spirits.

Therefore, anyone who intends to take such a step, carefully, thoughtfully and consciously approaches this decision. All the more reason – Christmas is coming.

It’s a great thing if you choose live plants as a gift. Of the many wonderful varieties of plants, it is recommended to give orchids.

It is customary to give gifts for Christmas. And they must be unusual, original, and perhaps with meaning. One option – an orchid arrangement from Viva Orchids of Boca Raton. After all, few people expect you to present a blooming orchid in winter. You can add Christmas trappings to it as design decorations.

Orchid symbolizes sophistication and originality, youth and rebirth. In those homes where orchids grow, there is a harmonious relationship akin to aristocracy. It is intimacy and romanticism. The selection of orchids as gifts is incredible. No plant can bloom as long as an orchid. Its gorgeous, bright, stunningly beautiful flowers last on flower stalks from a month to three or more. They are record-breakers in the duration of blooming. In our catalog you can choose a composition of orchids according to your budget. You can also choose orchids according to size: from mini orchids to very tall orchids. Orchids can be of any shape, color, flowering and size. 

What orchids for Christmas?

The most popular orchid as a gift remains the Phalaenopsis. Phalaenopsis means butterfly orchid in Greek. It charges the home with positive energy, lifts your spirits. This exotic flower will look unusual on the Christmas table or by the Christmas tree. Large white flowers on tall thin flower stalks will resemble snow-white butterflies, nestled on branches to rest a little, and the next moment will flutter away. But that moment will freeze, and will last for three months or more.

The Cymbidium is a large orchid, with huge inflorescences of spectacular, brightly colored flowers in a variety of colors. It is loved all over the world. This orchid is beautiful as a Christmas gift. In late autumn it starts to give flower stalks, and on Christmas Eve it blooms completely, forming luxurious, lush, bright inflorescences of various colors. Cymbidiums have been known since the 13th century in ancient China. It was deliberately cultivated and placed in dwellings, in greenhouses, and in winter gardens. There was a belief that it brings prosperity to the house and protects against disease. Nowadays, this is especially true.

Dendrobium is an impressive Christmas gift. Its multi-stemmed lush bush is covered with many flowers of different colors (pink, yellow, orange, crimson, white, etc.). This sight looks like a flaming torch – unusual, spectacular. This orchid has a subtle scent of lilac. It is believed to have the ability to help people build new serious relationships, to introduce people to each other.

Wanda – “orchid as a gift” is the name of this orchid. It is often sought after for a special occasion, such as Christmas. And the one who receives it, comes to indescribable delight. Mostly they are large orchids with different colors of flowers  from blue, brown to orange. Few people know how to take care of them, so they are afraid to buy this orchid. But in fact, it is surprisingly easy to take care of. You need to pour water (50 ml) at the bottom of the vase and that’s it. This is for 7 days. After a week, repeat again. Water should not get into the axils of the leaves throughout the trunk. This flower in the house brings new changes, unexpected glad tidings. Which is what happens at Christmas. You can check it out.

Today, a composition of living orchids is an opportunity to make an exquisite gift that will be appropriate for any occasion, especially an orchid is ideal as a Christmas gift. So you will be able to show reverence, respect and love for the recipient of the gift, as well as emphasize their importance. Unlike cut flowers, orchid arrangements will be happy for a long time, and over time will give many more beautiful flowers.

To order Christmas flowers for sale in Viva Orchids of Boca Raton, go to our catalog and choose any composition you like (the design can be changed according to your wishes). You can also call us at 561-507-0073 and our florists will be happy to help you choose the perfect orchid arrangement for you and answer all your questions.

Also you can buy gift certificates, which will allow your relatives to choose any orchid arrangement, as they wish or have dreamed of for a long time.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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